Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Scantily Clad Skyy Vodka Ad

Magazine Ad

Collected on: 3/11/09

From: Google Images Search For: "alcohol ads" (4th ad in the search.)

This is an ad for Skyy vodka. It depicts a man standing over a woman in a power position. It relates to women's studies because it uses the power difference between men and women, the objectification of women, and the power of watching. The man shows power because he is fully dressed while she is in a bikini. He is standing over her. He is offering her something. The viewer has the power of watching over the woman and not the man because his top half is cut off. This is to insinuate that Skyy vodka gives the viewer power over women. The ad suggests that if you buy the vodka you will be more attractive to women and maybe even able to get them drunk and take advantage of them. This relates to objectification of women because the woman she is just an object to draw your attention, just a tool to sell the vodka. She is only there for the viewer's viewing pleasure. The ad implies she is an object, a trophy which you will obtain if you buy their product. She is almost naked and not looking at you, just an attention getter like bright colors, or a lour noise, instead of a person. This embodies the objectification of women and thus relates to it.

The ad also relates to women's studies because it relates to gender socialization. It is an example of gender socialization. It portrays a woman and man in an intimate situation and shows the woman as submissive. Women and men will look at the intimate situation to learn how to act when they are in a similar situation.

There isn't much in this class it doesn't illustrate or relate to, male privilege for example. It demonstrates male privilege because the man is not objectified in this ad only the woman, men are rarely if ever objectified in the media.

This ad is a setback for women because it objectifies them and furthers harmful gender socialization. It is a setback for men because it teaches them to objectify women. It is a setback for culture in general because it worked effectively to sell a product, ads objectifying women are everywhere, and they wouldn't be if they weren't effective.


  1. I really enjoyed reading - and learned a little bit more about gender in society -this article and I feel like someone should stop these ads due to sexism and I feel like these type of ads might as well be porn. I am about to write a blog on underage drinking may I please use this blog as a reference? Here is the address -
    and I'm not going to copy a lot, just use maybe one or two things, and I won't let you go uncredited I will put your internet address in the article or at the end.

  2. I don't even understand how ads like this are allowed to be publicized, let alone used to sell products. The fact that a thirteen year old girl could view this and think herself not pretty enough quite frankly disgusts me. The worst part? It would take an eternity to truly wipe out these ads that objectify women, because they are everywhere, and have been everywhere for a very long time.